Rebecca Spustek, a lifelong resident of Louisiana, was raised in Baton Rouge-
a short trip down I 10 from New Orleans. She is a 1987 graduate of St. Joseph's Academy.
She received a bachelor  of Arts in Journalism/Advertising
from  Louisiana State University in1991.
During her first year out of college , Becky sold and produced advertising
for The Berry Company , producers of The Real Pages,
as a potential avenue of incorporating her artistic background into her career.
She soon learned that art and painting to her were held in different regard
than that of a career, therefore she accepted a position with The Park-Davis Division
of Warner Lambert in 1992. Becky's career with Clark-Davis and now Pfizer 
has moved her to areas of South Mississippi, including Gulfport and Hattisburg
and in 1996 to New Orleans. Becky lived in Madisonville for many years and now has 
made New Orleans her home.

Painting has always been a part of Becky's life. For the past 30 years she has studied art.
She began in grade school at the age of seven in an afternoon class and was 
referred from there to The Baton Rouge  Fine Arts Academy where she began her studies in the
"Style of the grand masters" with instructor Larry Casso.
Becky grew up not only under the influence of this philosophy of painting,
but also under the belief that tenacity not talent makes an accomplished artist.
Studies took priority over painting  during  the years Becky spent at LSU;
however after college , even while in Mississippi, 
Becky continued to pursue her love of painting through her love of painting
through  correspondence courses with The BRFAA.
Fate brought her back to the instruction of Larry Casso.
Upon returning to Louisiana, Becky discovered he had opened a studio in Mandeville.

Becky held her first art exhibit  at the age of eleven.
She has worked in several media throughout her artistic career 
including charcoal, pastel and watercolor;
however her passion has become acrylic on watercolor paper or illustration board.
She has also expanded her horizons by painting in egg tempra and oils on pastel board.
All painting, however, reinforce the three element of composition;
movement, balance and center of interest.
In recent years Becky has been commissioned to paint renderings of the 
homes of many of the physicians who are her customers.

Today Becky generally paints to please herself.
She has sold several originals and prints of her works;
however, she generally works on a commission basis.

If you would like further information regarding the paintings of 
Rebecca Spustek, please contact her at : 504 259-2302




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